Webinar – January 26, 2020

Drive Sustainability invites suppliers to join a webinar to learn more about the launch of the new platform Drive+.

About the Supplier Webinar


Sustainable supply chains require collaborative efforts of all actors involved along a supply chain. To achieve positive impact and nurture change, we need to address sustainability expectations, implement methods and tools for due diligence throughout the supply chain and learn from each other while doing so. Drive Sustainability wants to accelerate this process by working closer with Tier 1 suppliers and supplier associations. Therefore, we are about to launch our new platform called Drive+.

Drive+ provides suppliers and automotive associations with the opportunity to collaborate closely with Drive Sustainability, to share and learn with OEMs and with peers, and to use the Drive Sustainability toolbox.


Event registration

Please register for the event via Eventbrite by following this link:  DS Supplier Webinar
Until then we invite you to watch the webinar recording from December 9th, 2020: Supplier Webinar – Drive + and SAQ 4.0