Carbon Neutrality
Our milestones
2020-2025 2025-2030
  • Agree on and promote use of a common standardised method and tool to measure and reduce emissions in the supply chain.
  • Implement impact key projects with the aim to reduce emissions in the automotive supply chain.
  • Common standardised method and tool used to measure and reduce emissions in the supply chain.
  • Impact key projects successfully completed.

Our ambition carbon neutrality means that we strive towards zero emissions, but may have to take any currently available measures to have achieve net zero emission, while contributing to the research and development of new solutions. For your reference you can download our DS Strategy Definitions.

Our activities

In its dedicated working group on Carbon Neutrality, the Drive Sustainability partners have been scoping, developing and defining their common direction on Carbon Neutrality.

Reflecting the two commonly used approaches to account for emissions in companies, the two pillars of the Drive Sustainability activities on Carbon Neutrality are:

I. Corporate Carbon Accounting

Focusing on the measurement and reduction of emissions caused within organisations (aligned to the principles of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard), this workstream aims to develop a:

  • • Common standard for measuring and collecting corporate emissions, harmonised with existing standards
  • • Common tool to collect corporate emissions and set reduction targets

II. Product Carbon Footprint

Measuring and reducing the emissions caused throughout the life-cycle of a product (as reflected by PCF/LCA related standards such as ISO 14046) this workstream seeks to develop:

  • • A common approach on a the product carbon footprint method (LCA) in the automotive industry that shall meet existing and future standards and be harmonised with other initiatives’ efforts on the topic
  • • A common tool to collect product based emissions


Activities of both workstreams are complementary in nature and being developed in parallel. On both workstreams, Drive Sustainability is having ongoing discussions with its members’ experts, suppliers and stakeholders on setting up a common position, guidance and supporting tools to harmonise our efforts for carbon neutral supply chains. The above represent the common activities of the partnership. While Drive Sustainability is seeking standardisation to the highest degree possible, our partners may have individual strategies and prioritisations.

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