Over 3,000 suppliers engaged in capacity building activities

The Drive Sustainability partnership, facilitated by CSR Europe, shares the common goal of working together to improve the sustainability performance of automotive supply chains. Drive Sustainability considers that improvement and impact in the supply chain can be achieved by working with suppliers to build capability and empowerment. Under this framework, the partnership organises different activities like supplier training series, dialogue event or local networks.


Drive Sustainability is organising regular supplier training series in different countries worldwide, aiming to build supplier capacity. The training series cover topics in areas such as social and environmental sustainability, business conduct and compliance, and supplier management. The content is based on Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles, but is tailored to each country where it’s being held, with local legislation, best practices and real-life business examples meant to offer sustainability solutions and ideas to all participants.

More than 100 training sessions conducted in 19 countries:

• Argentina
• Brazil
• China
• Czech Republic
• France
• Germany
• Hungary
• India
• Italy
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Romania
• Poland
• Russia
• South Africa
• Spain
• Thailand
• Turkey
• United States

Are you an automotive supplier and planning to expand your training activities for more sustainable business practices along the automotive supply chain? We want to support you in this process and provide our training templates (including trainer guide) on request.

Send an e-mail with your request to and indicate the intended use of the training material.


Sustainability is a common challenge and opportunity to customers and suppliers alike. To find lasting solutions Drive Sustainability is inviting suppliers to a common open dialogue, bringing together the top management of customers and suppliers and key actors like supplier’s associations. The dialogue events are an opportunity to start the exchange and find future common next steps.


Drive Sustainability is a global automotive partnership, bringing together global automotive companies with global supply chains. Sustainability challenges are similar across regions; however, countries have specific issues, distinct market outlooks and social – economic contexts.

While Drive Sustainability has a global strategy, it is also aware that long lasting impact, meaningful actions and the best solutions can only be developed at the country or regional level itself, with the key local stakeholders engaged and working together on regular basis.

Drive Sustainability has set up a local network in China (DS China).