Drive Sustainability’s Raw Material Outlook Goes Live

The Drive Sustainability Raw Material Outlook is now live!
The new platform is dedicated to managing and mitigating the Human Rights violations and the ESG impacts of materials used in the automotive value chain.

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Drive Sustainability Strategy

Our common strategy is out! Discover how we intend to scale up our activities and lead the transition to a circular and sustainable automotive value chain.

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Our first progress report is out!

Curious about our achievements so far? Check out our progress report and learn how the partnership came to be, our milestones, challenges and future objectives.

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We endeavor to achieve excellence, innovation and performance in a sustainable manner and success depends on the commitment of our entire global supply chain.

Our Mission

The mission of the partnership is to work together to improve the social, ethical and environmental performance of automotive supply chains. It is of great importance to this partnership of responsible automotive manufacturers that the individuals making vehicles, components, or providing services, are afforded decent working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect, while minimising the environmental impact of their industry.

Our common direction
  • Share experiences and information on sustainability issues in the automotive supply chain.
  • Develop and apply common tools.
  • Work together on common projects in order to improve sustainability in supply chains.
  • Send a common message to our supply chains concerning sustainability activities and requirements.


Provide guidance on our sustainability expectations


Assess the adherence to sustainability standards

Capacity building

Support suppliers to improve their sustainability performance with useful training offers.

Press and media

Automotive industry heading towards uniform ESG standards for raw materials

The Automotive industry's main actors (OEMs) are cognizant and at the same time concerned about various environmental and social risks taking place in raw materials upstream value chains covering such...

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Majority of participants would recommend the newly launched E-Learning Introduction Course to peers.

BRUSSELS (Belgium), December 09, 2021 – More than 500 suppliers have participated in the Drive Sustainability introductory e-learning course, since its launch in March. The large majority of partici...

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SAQ 4.0 to be updated to SAQ 5.0 in 2022

Brussels (Belgium), December 08, 2021 – Last month, Drive Sustainability started the process of the 5th revision of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability for suppliers in the autom...

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By the Numbers


37 materials assessed based on materials’ importance for industry and associated ESG risks


Over 35,000 Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) conducted in more than 100 countries


Over 3,000 suppliers engaged in capacity building activities





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