Posted on 29/11/2023
  • Drive+ celebrates 3 years of activities focused on providing tools and learning opportunities for suppliers to build their sustainability capacity. 
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Drive+, the Sustainable Supply Chain Platform for Automotive Tier-1 Suppliers and Supplier Associations, celebrates three years of activities, marked by a constant effort to improve its initiatives to better support automotive suppliers in their sustainability journey.  

Collaboration and co-creation are the levers to pull if we want to move from a risk-based and compliance-related approach to sustainability to more comprehensive, effective, and impactful tools and initiatives.  

This is the final goal of Drive+: bringing together suppliers of the automotive industry and allowing them to directly interact with car manufacturers, share the challenges they face in delivering on sustainability targets, and co-create solutions for the entire value chain.  

The Platform has constantly grown over the last years, and today counts 32 Company Members and 6 Supplier Associations 

 In 2023, the platform was happy to welcome 9 new members: 

    • • Araymond 
    • • Atlas Copco 
    • • Knorr-Bremse 
    • • Marelli 
    • • Metalsa 
    • • Rino Mastrotto Group S.p.A. 
    • • Samsung Electro-Mechanics 
    • • SEG Automotive Germany GmbH 
    • • STmicroelectronics 


Drive+ evolved over the last years to provide more and more tools and learning opportunities for suppliers to build their sustainability capacity.  

A pivotal role in determining the development of the Platform is played by direct engagement activities and events, where dialogue and exchange with key industry players allow to identify the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development.  



During the Stakeholder Dialogue organized by Drive Sustainability and Drive+ on the 10th of October, a clear call came from Automotive Suppliers:  

  • •  Foster alignment on OEMs’ sustainability agenda and requirements, especially for what concerns tools for assessing sustainability performances and risks in the supply chain. 
  • •  Provide more opportunity for direct collaboration between OEMs and suppliers, in order to co-shape tools for enhanced and more efficient sustainability impact. 
  • •  Promote more and more training opportunities to equip sustainability practitioners with deep knowledge of sustainability, but also to spread in other teams a sustainability culture and a basic knowledge of sustainability management. 


The Platform 2024 activities will include 3 workstreams, focusing on the following areas: 

1. Drive Sustainability Updates & Capacity Building 

•  Updating Drive+ members on the discussions and activities undertaken in Drive Sustainability and its Working Groups, in order to provide suppliers with first-hand information on the automotive industry sustainability agenda. 

•  Online Ateliers for Drive Sustainability and Drive+ members, to build capacity on sustainability topics and challenges and discuss solutions together. 


2. Consultation with Drive Sustainability 

•  Set up ad-hoc Drive+ forums to gather feedback on the tools developed by Drive Sustainability, including the Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), in order to share suppliers’ knowledge, expertise, and needs with Drive Sustainability Working Groups. 

•  In-presence consultation to foster engagement and discussion about challenges, opportunities, and solutions for enhanced efficiency. 


3. Access to Drive Sustainability toolbox 

•  Grant access for Drive+ members to tools developed by Drive Sustainability, including training materials and the Raw Materials Outlook for enhanced sustainability risk assessment of raw materials. 

•  Co-creating and co-developing collaborative approaches and instruments to effectively address the challenges related to the upcoming Due Diligence legislation. 


Drive+ aims to become the ideal engagement space for suppliers to work on supply chain sustainability together with peers and OEMs. 

Contact us, for more information on our activities and membership requirements and procedures. 


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