Posted on 12/07/2023

On 10th and 11th October, Drive Sustainability will host its Stakeholder Dialogue and Leadership Assembly.  The two-day event, open to Drive Sustainability members and selected stakeholders, will be an opportunity to explore the partnership’s response to the challenges faced by the automotive supply chain.


Drive Sustainability is set to host its Stakeholder Dialogue and Leadership Assembly respectively on the 10th and 11th of October in Brussels. The two-day event will focus on “Due Diligence, Resilience & Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Materials for the Automotive Sector in the New VUCA-World“. In this rapidly changing world, the automotive industry faces numerous challenges represented by the term “VUCA,” which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.

At the event, Drive Sustainability and selected stakeholders will delve into the dynamic regulatory landscape that the automotive sector operates within. With evolving environmental standards, social responsibility expectations, and heightened scrutiny of supply chain practices, organizations face significant challenges in building sustainable supply chains.


10 October: The Stakeholder Dialogue

The Stakeholder Dialogue aims at facilitating a constructive exchange between automotive companies, suppliers, and stakeholders, thus aligning Drive Sustainability’s approach to raw materials, human rights and labour conditions, due diligence, carbon neutrality and other environmental issues. The event will also serve as a forum to report on the partnerships’ progress.

After launching its 2030 Strategy in 2022, including topics like due diligence, resilience & sustainable sourcing of raw materials for the automotive sector, Drive Sustainability’s 2023 Stakeholder Dialogue aims to:

  • 1) Update stakeholders about the current work of Drive Sustainability and progress against the 2030 Strategy.
  • 2) Collect feedback for the future work on due diligence, resilience & sustainable sourcing of raw materials across the supply chain.


11 October: The Leadership Assembly

The Assembly meets to set the strategy and priorities of the partnership, and to review its progress. The Leadership Assembly is one of the two central bodies governing Drive Sustainability, together with the Steering Committee.


For more information:

Catalina Pislaru,  Manager Drive Sustainability, CSR Europe