Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainable supply chains enable us to achieve our long-term strategy ambitions. 

It is essential that we collaborate to enhance supplier sustainability and to implement the activities that bring us closer to reaching our ambitions. This section outlines our activities to advance supply chain sustainability. 

2020-2025 2025-2030
  • Set-up and promote use of common standardised tools, methods and common requirements to integrate sustainability into the procurement process.
  • Direct Tier 1 suppliers engaged in assessment and capacity building activities.
  • Establish and promote usage of common standardised tools and methods to cascade sustainability beyond Tier 1.
  • Supplier sustainability is a key decision criterion.
  • Direct Tier 1 suppliers improved sustainability performance compared to 2025.
  • Supplier sustainability is promoted beyond Tier 1.
Our activities

Based on the Drive Sustainability approach our activities on supply chain sustainability complement each other by giving guidance, assessing compliance and supporting sustainable supply chains through capacity building.

Learn more about our integrated approach here.

Guiding Principles

Drive Sustainability has a set of common guidelines- Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles (Guiding Principles) – outlining expectations for suppliers on key responsibility issues including human rights, environment, working conditions and business ethics. The Guiding Principles represent the global strategy and base of all activities.

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The compliance process assesses organisational adherence of automotive suppliers to international regulations and standards in the area of sustainability. Current activities cover the

           • Drive Sustainability self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)

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Capacity Building

Our capacity building activities have the objective to complement our compliance activities, to support automotive suppliers in their sustainability journey with useful training offers that help suppliers to improve their sustainability performance.

  • • E-Learning
  • • Face-to-Face/virtual Supplier Training

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Launch of Drive Sustainability E-Learning

BRUSSELS (Belgium), January 17, 2021 – Drive Sustainability launches common E-Learning platmform and course "Supply Chain Sustainability for Automotive Suppliers". The 25 minutes long course gives l...

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SAQ Toolbox for Suppliers: Everything You Need to Know about the SAQ Assessment

BRUSSELS (Belgium), January 6, 2020 -  Drive Sustainability released the SAQ Toolbox to provide automotive suppliers with further guidance on how to excel in the SAQ assessment and how to use the SAQ...

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SAQ 3.0 will be updated to SAQ 4.0 on October 5th

BRUSSELS (Belgium), September 25, 2020 - On October 5, 2020, Drive Sustainability will launch the digital version of SAQ 4.0, the 4th edition of its Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability...

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Supplier Training Report 2019: Strengthen CSR management and Company Policies to tackle key sustainability challenges

BRUSSELS (Belgium), July 13, 2020 – In its integrated approach Drive Sustainability advocates moving beyond the conventional approach to due diligence and making capacity building a key component fo...

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