Posted on 09/12/2021 in Supplier trainings

BRUSSELS (Belgium), December 09, 2021 – More than 500 suppliers have participated in the Drive Sustainability introductory e-learning course, since its launch in March. The large majority of participants would recommend the course to peers to better understand why sustainability matters to their company and what OEM expectations are.

Key findings*:

  • – 95% of the participants would recommend the course to peers.
  • – 83% agree that the training allowed them to better understand the OEM’s expectations on sustainability.
  • – 82% agreed that the e-learning allowed them to better understand why sustainability matters for their company.


Participants generally found the e-learning easy to understand, providing a good introduction to sustainability and Drive Sustainability. Some participants asked for more training materials and making the course available in further languages. Responding to this request, in fall 2021 Drive Sustainability launched a German and Spanish course version. Participant numbers for the new course versions are increasing and the feedback received is generally similar to that of the English course version

Suppliers in the automotive supply chain have different maturities when it comes to sustainability. This is also reflected in the provided feedback. Some participants are already very advanced when it comes to integrating sustainability into their business practices. These participants commented that the course did not present any new material, but they acknowledged the usefulness of the course as an introduction.

Drive Sustainability recognizes these differences in suppliers’ sustainability maturity. It is our goal to provide a range of offers that can meet different supplier needs.

An invitation to participate in the course is also an invitation to collaborate. Regardless of their maturity on sustainability, the course has the objective to give participants an introduction to Drive Sustainability, our mission and activities.

We invite you to join this training to build a common understanding,  which is the foundation for our joint mission to drive sustainability in the automotive supply chain.

We would like to thank you for your collaboration and taking your time to participate in the e-learning. Your support is essential for the achievement of our mission.

If you receive an invitation from one of our partners, please join your peers and participate in the course!

How to participate in the course?
The invitation will provide all the relevant information: Follow the link in the e-mail to access the RBA Learning Academy, type in the code provided by your buyer, register as a user, and access the Drive Sustainability course. You only need to complete the course once. If you receive more than one invitation, please login again with your account. Enter the code received from the other buyer/OEM to allow the system recognise that you have already successfully completed the course.

Reach out to us (  if you haven’t received an invitation yet but would like to participate in the e-learning course.

Find more information about the e-learning here. To learn more about our capacity building activities visit

*This article represents brief insights into the e-learning results collected through the English version of the e-learning course. Drive Sustainability will do an in-depth analysis of the e-learning course results for the English, Spanish, German and Chinese course version in the beginning of 2022. We will publish the full e-learning results in a report on our website. The results will furthermore feed into the short- and long-term training activities of Drive Sustainability, planned to be revisited in the beginning of 2022.