Posted on 26/03/2021 in e-learning impact Supplier trainings

BRUSSELS (Belgium), January 17, 2021 – Drive Sustainability launches common E-Learning platmform and course “Supply Chain Sustainability for Automotive Suppliers”. The 25 minutes long course gives learners an overview of the initiative, how supply chain sustainability relates to them and why we are inviting them to join this and future offers for collaboration.

For several years Drive Sustainability has been offering annual supplier trainings, where suppliers can exchange on local sustainability challenges in an interactive approach that is complemented by locally content and best practices. The automotive supply chain is complex, and the target group of our training offers is diverse. Some suppliers join our activities with many years of experiences in sustainability, while others are only getting started. We recognize these differences in sustainability maturity and have the goal to provide a range of offers that can meet different supplier needs.

We proudly announce a new addition to our training offers: Drive Sustainability is launching its common e-learning platform and its first joint e-learning course!

The Drive Sustainability e-learning platform and e-learning course is hosted on the RBA Learning Academy, an online learning platform already used by several of our members.

The common e-learning course “Supply Chain Sustainability for Automotive Suppliers” introduces learners to Drive Sustainability, our activities, focus areas and why sustainability matters to suppliers. The course provides participants with useful examples and materials to get started.

Please join the e-learning course, if you have been invited by one of our partners. Learn more about Drive Sustainability, but more importantly why we invite you to join our efforts to advance supply chain sustainability. After the e-learning suppliers may get invited to join a regional supplier training.

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* Drive Sustainability is facilitated by CSR Europe, the European Business Network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.