Workforce Wellbeing
Our Milestones
2020-2025 2025-2030
Agree on and promote use of a common standardised Business and Human Rights due diligence tool/s and a grievance mechanism to proactively tackle issues (issues to be defined: living wage, child labour etc.)
  • Common standardised Business and Human Rights due-diligence and grievance mechanism rolls out and promoted in the supply chain (Tier 1 and beyond).
Our Activities

Launched in 2023, the working group on Workforce Wellbeing will explore opportunities for a grievance mechanism for the automotive industry and promote learning on human rights due diligence

Access to Remedy and Grievance Mechanisms

Human Rights Due Diligence

•   Sharing & learning on OEMs internal processes and experiences from other sectors

•   Investigate the implementation of existing tools and find opportunities for collective action within DS

•   Engagement with Drive + members

•  Sharing & learning on Human Rights Risk Assessment and Human Rights Impact Assessment

•  Monitor external reports on human rights in automotive value chain and stakeholder engagement


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Drive Sustainability Set to Launch SAQ 5.0 to Enhance Environmental and Human Rights Due Diligence in the Automotive Value Chain

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