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The leading collaborative platform, Drive Sustainability, together with SUPPLIERASSURANCE, have launched the first edition of their automotive due diligence intelligence report on September 18th, 2023.

The Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) was launched in 2014 by Drive Sustainability and delivered by SUPPLIERASSURANCE. The SAQ was designed with the objective to enhance sustainability in the supply chain by meticulously assessing policy and practice in the areas of social and environmental sustainability, health and safety, business ethics and compliance, supplier management and responsible sourcing of raw materials. The SAQ is implemented in the supply chain of global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tier1 and sub-tier automotive companies. Since the introduction of the SAQ, 55,000 suppliers have been assessed and 114,000 SAQs have been successfully completed. The SAQ remains an essential sustainability due diligence tool in the automotive supply chain.

The purpose of this first intelligence report is to highlight significant trends found in the analysis of sustainability information gathered from the automobile sector supply chain through SAQ. This first analysis compares the performance of suppliers in relation to region, company size, and sector based on responses from approximately 43,000 suppliers to the SAQ between 2021 and 2023.



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This first joint Drive Sustainability and SUPPLIERASSURANCE Intelligence report has been developed to identify key trends observed from the analysis of sustainability data, collected from the automotive industry supply chain through the Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

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