Stakeholder Engagement

The transformation towards a circular and sustainable automotive value chain
cannot be achieved by Drive Sustainability partners only.

It can only be achieved in a concentrated effort, bringing together the industry, the civil society, the authorities and all the other interested and relevant parties. 

With its strategy Drive Sustainability will continue to strengthen its engagement with suppliers, stakeholders and related sectors on impactful activities.


Our shared commitment
Be more transparent, to communicate and share more information about our actions, our results, the challenges ahead and proposed solutions.

Our shared expectations
For stakeholders and partners to become more transparent, to communicate and share more sustainability information. This will help us better understand the value chain, its challenges and thus design better collaborative solutions.

Leveraging Best Practices

We are aware and acknowledge the fact that in some areas there are already many actions taken to increase sustainability.

We want to learn from existing best practices, make use of existing tools and try to avoid redundancy, replication and inefficiency as much as possible.