Posted on 08/12/2021 in Compliance SAQ

Brussels (Belgium), December 08, 2021 – Last month, Drive Sustainability started the process of the 5th revision of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability for suppliers in the automotive value chain.

While the SAQ is reviewed in a biyearly process, the revision comes at a critical time, when legislators in Europe are considering or already introducing policies on supply chain due diligence. In the adaptation process we will re-assess current and upcoming international standards. This way we ensure that the SAQ remains a recognised and evidence-based tool for assessing the sustainability performance of the suppliers in the automotive sector.

The release of the updated version of the SAQ is planned for mid-2022. A digital version of the questionnaire will be made available to the automotive suppliers latest by the end of 2022 via SupplierAssurance platform, (, delivered by NQC.

The updated version of the Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles – to be published in the beginning of 2022 -will serve as a compass for the SAQ 5.0 the adaptation process.

In the update process Drive Sustainability will engage with various stakeholders, amongst them the Drive+ partners. Collaboration and knowledge sharing will remain at the core of the SAQ adaptation.

Based on the Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles, the SAQ is designed to assess supplier sustainability and support the automotive companies in identifying social and environmental risks throughout the automotive supply chain. Until today, over 35,000 suppliers have engaged in self-assessment activities with Drive Sustainability in more than 200 countries and more suppliers are expected to complete the SAQ in the future.

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