Posted on 29/11/2023
  • Drive Sustainability partnered with CSR Europe in the project Extractives 4 Sustainability, started in 2020 and finalized in 2023, and aiming at fostering collaborative action along the minerals supply chain to address ESG issues related to the production of Copper and Cobalt in the DRC and Manganese and Iron Ore in South Africa. 
  • Drawing from the insights gained in the project, this new paper provides a blueprint for building local sustainability networks involving mining companies and relevant stakeholders with the aim of tackling the ESG challenges associated with their operations and enhancing the livelihood of the local population.
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Drive Sustainability partnered with CSR Europe in the project Extractives for Sustainability, funded by GIZ on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

The project, started in 2020 and finalized in 2023, aimed at supporting existing local business networks, the Fédération des Enterprises du Congo (FEC) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Minerals Council in South Africa, in improving the capacities of local large- and medium-scale mines, and their subcontractors for collaborative action and foster dialogue with the downstream part of the supply chain.

To that end, CSR Europe supported its partners in the development, implementation, and coordination of a local sustainability network around Large-Scale Mining of copper and cobalt in DRC and manganese and iron ore in South Africa.   

Building on this experience, the CSR Europe paper provides an in-depth methodology to set up and run Local Sustainability Networks, by outlining 5 key elements implemented in the project:

1. Purpose and Structure

2. Organisation of a Local Sustainability Network

3. Methodological approach of the Local Sustainability Network’s activities

4. The involvement of stakeholders

5. Financing


A Local Sustainability Network is a collaborative platform of mining sites aimed at coordinating efforts on the ground and aligning on responsible practices while devoting a central role to dialogue with stakeholders. Indeed, this partnership approach enables the support of systematic and continued exchange of best practices and experiences and the set-up of collaborative activities of mining companies and their subcontractors to improve the conditions of operation in and around the mines.  

This is in line with Drive Sustainability’s approach to responsible sourcing of raw materials which wants to go beyond a compliance approach limited to a check-the-box or data-gathering exercise, but rather strive for practical engagement and enhanced dialogue with the upstream part of the supply chain and ensure that the production of raw materials truly provides opportunities for enhanced livelihoods, respecting the needs of communities, and minimizing environmental impacts.  


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Blueprint | Local Sustainability Networks

A Methodology to Tackle Sustainability Issues in Raw Materials Sourcing