Would you like to better understand the content and the purpose of the SAQ?

Supplier Handbook is a key manual offered by Drive Sustainability to all suppliers along the automotive value chain, who are either asked to complete the Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability (SAQ), or who wish to use the SAQ for their own purposes.


What can you do to drastically improve your SAQ score?

SAQ Focus Areas concentrates on two practices that Drive Sustainability partners expect their suppliers to adopt:

1. Implementing a Code of Conduct for the employees and external partners (suppliers);

2. Building an Environmental and Social Management system (ESMS) to effectively manage the impact from company operations on working conditions and human rights, occupational health & safety and environment.

SAQ Focus Areas provides practical recommendations aimed to help automotive suppliers to strengthen their practice.


How can you use the Drive Sustainability SAQ for your own supplier assessments?

Drive Sustainability partners encourage their suppliers to assess and monitor their own supplier base against sustainability criteria in order to cascade the principles of responsible business conduct along the whole value chain.

There are two ways in which the SAQ is made available for use: digital and physical. SAQ Formats will explain you everything you need to know in order to successfully use the SAQ in practice.


You are an SME and wondering where to get started?

An interactive version of the SAQ with embedded score calculation is made available for those automotive companies that would like to measure sustainability performance of their few key suppliers before rolling out the questionnaire to a larger group, or for SMEs.

Ready-to-use SAQ also helps all suppliers to quickly check how they perform against the Drive Sustainability criteria and strengthen their performance before completing a digital copy of the questionnaire on the platform.