The Strategy and Action Plan
Development Process

The official consultation for the strategy is closed, but we continue welcoming our stakeholders to our bi-annual stakeholder events.
Thank you for your support.

How we built the Strategy

The Strategy and Action Plan defines the long-term direction and ambition of Drive Sustainability. For its development, two elements were essential: alignment with the internal ambitions of the partners and integration of stakeholder feedback.

The Strategy has been developed in a four-phase process:

1. During 2018, consultations with selected stakeholders and automotive companies took place. It became evident that ambitions and the working scope of Drive Sustainability needed to be increased to meet stakeholders’ expectations.

2. In February 2019, purchasing and sustainability leaders of the automotive companies convened to discuss stakeholder feedback, opportunities for alignment with internal ambitions, and agreed on common objectives. The partners decided to extend the working scope to a value chain approach, while also addressing sustainability challenges related to climate and circular use of resources through the Drive Sustainability partnership.

3. The strategy and its action plan were submitted for stakeholder feedback during Drive Sustainability’s second stakeholder event in May 2019.

4. On-line consultation May-July 2019: The outcomes of the stakeholder event, together with the input received during the online consultation phase was analysed in summer 2019. Subsequently, the strategy and action plan were finalized and finally published in the beginning of 2020.

For more details of the previous achievements kindly refer to the progress report 2019 and the training report from 2018.