Stakeholder Dialogue: Common Standard Recognition Framework

October 10, 2023 – BluePoint, Brussels, Belgium

Drive Sustainability invites suppliers and stakeholders to discuss the Common Standard Recognition Framework, assess the validity and effectiveness of the framework, and gather feedback and input for its potential revision.

Stakeholder Dialogue – Common Standard Recognition Framework
About the Common Standard Recognition Framework

Drive Sustainability recognizes the significance of responsible production and processing of raw materials, as well as the subsequent sustainable sourcing, as key elements of its strategy for Sustainable Supply/Value Chains. Standardization and alignment of common standards implementation within the industry are vital for the future success of achieving fully sustainable automotive value chains. With numerous standards existing across industries and markets, it is crucial for all relevant stakeholders to adopt a coordinated approach.

In 2021, Drive Sustainability launched the Common Standard Recognition Framework: a set of criteria to assess the maturity level of sustainability standards in the minerals supply chains. The main idea of the common standards recognition lies within the common voice within Drive Sustainability. Our ambition is to send a coherent and unified message to our suppliers and stakeholders, to promote standardization, common and/or similar approaches throughout the value chain. To find out more about the Common Standard Recognition Framework, click here.


On 10 October 2023, Drive Sustainability will host a stakeholder event that addresses the Common Standard Recognition Framework.

By bringing together industry representatives, standard setting initiatives, regulators and civil society, the stakeholder dialogue aims to raise awareness on the Common Standard Recognition Framework within the industry and consult with all relevant stakeholders to assess the validity end effectiveness of the framework and gather feedback and input for its potential revision.


Registrations for the Stakeholder Dialogue are currently closed