Drive Sustainability Videos

Hear from our partners on what triggered the creation of Drive Sustainability, the objectives of the partnership
and how this aligns with their own sustainability approach.


Get an overview of the partnership and understand its governance, strategic directions, tools and activities.

CSR Europe – Facilitator

“The partnership model builds on what the OEMs are already doing individually in order to build more impact through collaboration.”


“Sustainable production and products are our joint responsibility:
We create ONE product and we share ONE responsibility.”



“We believe in sending a common message to the supply chain on activities and requirements regarding ethics and sustainability.”


“We have one set of tools, one standard to work against. That is a great leverage coming from this partnership, the adoptability is enhanced.”


“Drive Sustainability complements how we do business. Open communication, clear guidelines and capacity building are key.”

Volvo Group

“Drive Sustainability is more than guidelines, it is about having an active dialogue with partners and raising capacity in the supply chain.”


“With electrification, the biggest transition in the history of the automobile is ongoing. New supply chains must be sustainable.”

Volvo Cars 

“The Drive Sustainability Guiding Principles are based on UN Global Compact Principles – this is fully in line with Volvo Cars corporate strategy.”