Posted on 18/05/2021 in Raw materials sustainable supply chains

Brussels, May 18th, 2021 – Drive Sustainability, the leading automotive partnership of 11 Original Equipment Manufacturers – is developing Raw Materials Outlook, a new platform dedicated to managing and mitigating the Human Rights violations and the ESG impact of materials used in the automotive value chain. The work is done by CSR Europe – facilitator of the leading automotive partnership Drive Sustainability – and Levin Sources – consultancy and social venture at the forefront of responsible mining and sourcing. The materials included in the platform at the start are: Aluminum/Bauxite, Graphite, Iron ore, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, RRE, Tantalum and Zinc. Other raw materials will be added at a later stage.

The Raw Material Outlook is an impact-oriented initiative that goes beyond the collection and analysis of data:

Download the infographic here:

The intelligence collected will be used to:

  • – Help users to align with the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and relevant EU policies on the Green
    Economy and Corporate Governance & Sustainability.
  • – Support Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) with valuable insights in their efforts to secure responsible sourcing.
  • Engage with different stakeholders involved in the value chain of these materials.
  • – Explore potential for collaborative action between Drive Sustainability partners, their suppliers engaged in Drive+ and other stakeholders.

People and the environment are the automotive industry’s most important resources. It is of great importance that the individuals making vehicles, components, or providing services are afforded decent working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect, while minimising the environmental impact of the industry and promoting business integrity. In this context, Raw Materials Outlook will contribute to enhance the potential for collaborative action between Drive Sustainability partners and leverage their efforts to integrate sustainability throughout the global automotive supply chain.

The Raw Material Outlook will be launched in the autumn of 2021. Drive Sustainability will make the findings of the research available to the public to share insights and increase common understanding and learning.