Posted on 12/07/2023

In 2023, the automotive partnership will deliver trainings to Brazil, China, Czech Republic, and Turkey. The materials, developed by Drive Sustainability’s facilitator – CSR Europe – will address ethics and social issues, as well as environmental, health and safety issues, all tailored to each country’s unique reality and legislation.


In 2023, Drive Sustainability (DS) will deliver trainings on supply chain sustainability to around 300 Tier-1 Suppliers in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, and Turkey. DS trainings are designed to promote better environmental management, social responsibility, and more ethical supply chains. The sessions, tailored to the supplier’s specific needs, cover topics outlined in the Global Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles, such as responsible sourcing, anti-corruption measures, working conditions, due diligence, greenhouse gas emissions management, workplace safety, and emergency preparedness. Furthermore, the content is adapted to the context of each country, with an analysis of local legislation and sustainability challenges, best practices and real-life business examples that help participants define sustainability solutions at local level. As a result, suppliers gain the knowledge and tools to improve their sustainability performance and achieve higher ratings, while simultaneously meeting the standards established by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The DS training represent a fundamental step after the adoption and implementation of the Drive Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). While the SAQ is critical to identify risks and facilitate compliance, trainings are needed to ensure capacity building. These initiatives create a conducive environment for peer-to-peer sharing, learning, and collaboration among suppliers, further amplifying the positive impact across the value chain.

Since its establishment in 2014, over 5000 suppliers from 18 different countries have benefited from the DS Trainings. Currently, only Drive Sustainability members have the option to invite their suppliers to take part in the training sessions. However, as part of Drive Sustainability’s ongoing efforts to broaden its impact, the collaborative platform plans to extend this opportunity to Drive+ members by the end of 2023/beginning of 2024, engaging suppliers further down the automotive supply chain.


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Juan Luis Pardo González, Senior Project Manager Drive Sustainability, CSR Europe