Posted on 15/04/2014

Brussels, 15 April 2014 – The European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability is pleased to welcome SCANIA as a new member of the group.


SCANIA is joining a group of nine automotive manufacturers, facilitated by CSR Europe, that work together to improve the social and environmental performance across the supply chain. As the automotive industry has complex value chains and a deep structured supplier base, the group is committed to the benefits of a common approach and common messages towards suppliers, i.e. training and other activities.


“Sustainability is a top priority of Scania and we recognize that our products and company have an impact on our surroundings, by ourselves and via our Supply Chains. To join the European Automotive Working Group will strengthen our existing Sustainable Sourcing Program by sharing knowledge, and with the joint efforts of many recognized parties of the industry we increase the possibility to make a real difference.” Says Andrea Fuder, Executive Vice President of Scania Purchasing


“The Working Group’s common goal is to enhance the automotive industry contribution to sustainability in an efficient way. Building on this, SCANIA joining the group will strengthen the collaborative effort and thus allow the group to have greater impact“ says Stefan Crets, Executive Director of CSR Europe