37 materials assessed based on materials’ importance for industry and associated ESG risks


A coordinated approach amongst automotive companies towards raw materials is a perfect opportunity to come together and share a common platform for how to look at some of the very important aspects of sustainability.

One of the biggest obstacles in setting strategies for responsible sourcing is:

  • – the access to reliable current data and analysis on the environmental and social dimensions of material production and
  • – the complexity and lacking transparency of the automotive supply chain.

To address these challenges, Drive Sustainability has developed the Raw Materials Observatory: a standardized process to develop a toolbox of instruments to identify risks, impacts as well opportunities for collective actions. Learn more about the Observatory.


The Raw Materials Observatory is a process to:

  • – assess the sustainability risk of the top raw materials for the automotive sector, and
  • – identify potentially impactful activities that Drive Sustainability partners could pursue collectively to address such risk


Collective action will complement what DS partners are doing at the company level to integrate sustainability in the sourcing of raw materials.

The Raw Materials Observatory Process:

The results of the first round of raw material assessments are presented in the Material Change report. The report examines responsible sourcing of materials in the automotive and electronics industries.

The report, Material Change, was commissioned by Drive Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative and completed by The Dragonfly Initiative (TDI).