Drive Sustainability Develops Raw Material Outlook

Brussels, May 18th, 2021 – Drive Sustainability, the leading automotive partnership of 11 Original Equipment Manufacturers – is developing Raw Materials Outlook, a new platform dedicated to managi...

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Launch of Drive Sustainability E-Learning

BRUSSELS (Belgium), January 17, 2021 – Drive Sustainability launches common E-Learning platmform and course "Supply Chain Sustainability for Automotive Suppliers". The 25 minutes long course gives l...

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Drive Sustainability joins Responsible Steel as an Associate Member

Drive Sustainability joins Responsible Steel and strengthens joint efforts on responsibly sourced and produced steel.

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SAQ Toolbox for Suppliers: Everything You Need to Know about the SAQ Assessment

BRUSSELS (Belgium), January 6, 2020 -  Drive Sustainability released the SAQ Toolbox to provide automotive suppliers with further guidance on how to excel in the SAQ assessment and how to use the SAQ...

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SAQ 3.0 will be updated to SAQ 4.0 on October 5th

BRUSSELS (Belgium), September 25, 2020 - On October 5, 2020, Drive Sustainability will launch the digital version of SAQ 4.0, the 4th edition of its Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability...

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Supplier Training Report 2019: Strengthen CSR management and Company Policies to tackle key sustainability challenges

BRUSSELS (Belgium), July 13, 2020 – In its integrated approach Drive Sustainability advocates moving beyond the conventional approach to due diligence and making capacity building a key component fo...

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles joins Drive Sustainability

Brussels, 03 July 2020 – Drive Sustainability is pleased to welcome Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as a new partner of the initiative, joining the group of 10 leading automotive manufacturers, working to...

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Drive Sustainability States Its Position on Tackling the Cobalt Challenge

BRUSSELS (Belgium), November 21, 2019 - Drive Sustainability expresses its commitment to cooperate with all players in the value chain and with specific initiatives to develop and implement a proactive approach towards the establishment of a sustainable cobalt value chain. Our vision is to lead the transformation towards a circular and sustainable automotive value chain.

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European Commission launches programme to support SMEs conducting due diligence on minerals and metals supply chains

BRUSSELS (Belgium), November 20, 2019 - Official launch of Due Diligence Ready! the new online platform helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) effectively perform due diligence and responsible sourcing in their minerals and metals supply chains.

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